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Transcendence seeks to enable a potentially self-sufficient community to use history, art and technology to inspire and advance culture.


Transcendence represents humanity through all time periods. We seek to highlight the ways people around the world have used creativity, ingenuity and available technology to create new models [of music, culture and education] for their community.


Transcendence is a mosaic of history, art, and technology.

Transcendence is cultural resistance; a struggle against hegemony and a response to contemporary systems of oppression.


Transcendence is about the ways in which people can overcome. 


Transcendence is art, community, and a movement. 


Transcendence is a breathing art form; it looks both forwards and back simultaneously; it weaves the present through the past and to the future. 

Transcendence should feel confrontational and comforting, gut wrenching and peaceful, invoking dance and stillness, always spiritual. 


Jazz has an indelible history of protest, and in a time of conflict and trouble, transcendence is recognition of the musician's role as philosopher, and the potential of art to ask questions, build ideas and contribute to meaningful social change.

If you want to know what is important to a people – listen to their music....